Confirming events before construction

  • Ground state check: pavement tools shall be prepared according to different pavement ground.
  • Preparation before paving: the ground shall be flat and have enough strength. The hollow ground shall be filled. The oil, paint and other sundries on the ground shall be cleaned out.

Materials preparation

  • Confirmation of paving material: reference substance name, color number, batch number, quantity and other contents shall be checked.
  • Tools preparation: tape measure, cutting scissors, adhesive, mark pen, T-square and right angle ruler.
  • Personnel arrangement: the personnel shall be arranged according to the period, area and condition of construction.

Construction conditions on site

2-3 days before construction, the site shall be maintained an appropriate temperature, generally the temperature is 20 degrees. This temperature shall be maintained in the process of construction, at the same time, the humidity shall be about 65%, and the site lighting should be appropriate. Construction material and binder shall be kept in construction site for at least 1 day in order to adapt its temperature. If the construction site is cement ground, the max humidity shall be 4%, while pH value shall be less than 10.