I.Main equipment

Carpet cutting knife, edge cutting machine, carpet support (support head of large support, support feet of large support, small support), flat shovel, pier, pistol drill, cutter, scissors, needle nose pliers, painting rubber edge pressing roller, iron, square, ruler, hammer, steel nails, small nails, vacuum cleaners, trash, glue container, steel ruler, tape, elastic line powder bag, small line, broom, rubber wheel light lorry, iron dustpan, cotton yarn, tool bags and slippers etc..

  1. Operating conditions
  2. Before carpet laying, interior decoration must be completed. All the indoor heavy equipment shall be in place, debugged and operated, which should be verified and meet the standard.
  3. The requirement of laying floor carpet base course shall be surface flatness, smooth, clean, and the oil shall be cleaned with acetone or turpentine. The cement floor should have a certain strength, and the moisture content shall be less not than 8%.
  4. The quantity, variety, specification, color and pattern of carpets, cushions and adhesives shall be checked whether they have met the design requirements after entering the area, If conforming to design requirements, they should be stored in dry storage or room according to varieties and specifications. The pre-laying, patterns, and serial number shall be done before use, and the pre-laying design shall be used according to the serial number.

The skirt board around rooms and aisles which need to pave carpets shall be completed well. The lower opening of skirt board shall be added construction technology.

The deckle edge shall be hidden under the skirt board, which shaould be left ground about 8mm.

  1. The construction detail drawing shall be released before large area construction, and the sample board shall be done. The construction can be implemented in accordance with the sample board after being inspected by quality supervision department.

III. Operating process

  1. Technological process

Base course treatment → Snap line, set square, division, positioning → carpet cutting → nailing barb board and hanging carpet strip → laying liner → laying carpet → detail treatment and cleaning

  1. Removable pavement: refers to the method with no adhesive pasting the ground base, which is not fixed with ground base and regular with the wall corner. It generally applies to the laying of decorative craft carpet.

3.Operating process of fixed pavement:

1) Basic layer treatment: the basic layer for laying carpet is generally the cement floor, which can also be a wooden floor or other material ground. The requirements for surface are flat, smooth, clean, and the oil has to be cleaned with acetone or turpentine. The cement ground should have a certain strength, and the moisture content shall be less than 8%, the surface roughness deviation is less than 4mm.

2) Line snapping, square setting, dividing: the line snapping, square setting, dividing and positioning must be strictly in accordance with the specific requirements of design drawings of different parts and rooms. If there are no specific requirements, the determination of center lines shall be symmetrical and line snapping, and then the pavement can be positioned.

3) Carpet cutting: the carpet cutting shall be implemented uniformly in a wide place. The room size shall be measured accurately, and all the rooms and carpets shall be registered. The carpet material shall be cut by edge cutting machine according to the size of rooms and shape, the length of each segment of carpet shall be 2cm longer than the room, and the width shall be calculated according to the size after cutting the edge line of carpet. The edge part shall be cut and then use cut-off knife to cut from the carpet back, which should be numbered and rolled after cutting, then put into the corresponding room. The cutting and edge jointing of large room shall be at construction site.

4) Barb board nailing and carpet hanging: the barb board shall be nailed on the basic layer with high-intensity cement nail (the nail shall toward the wall), the space shall be about 40cm. The barb board shall be 8-10mm away from skirting board, in order to nail barb board firmly .

5) Liner pavement: the liner shall be stuck to the ground base by 107 glue or polyvinyl acetate, which shall be 10mm away from barb board.

6) Carpet pavement:

  1. Carpet suture: the tailored carpet shall be paved lightly on the liner layer, and then the carpet shall be rolled up, and the suture shall be at the joints. After the suture, use plastic tape to paste on the joints in order to prevent from being scratched or turned up, and then pave the carpet flatly, use curved needle to do the fluff dense suture at the joints.
  2. Carpet stretching and fixing: firstly, the longer edge of the carpet shall be fixed on barb board, the deckle edge shall be covered by skirting board, and then use the carpet support to stretch the carpet. During the stretching, press the carpet support by hands and hit the carpet support by knees from one edge to the other until all the edges are flat. Then fix the carpet on the other barb board and cover the deckle edge. The redundant parts of carpet shall be cut by cutting knife. The carpet stretching shall be from one direction to another until four edges are fixed on barb board.
  3. During carpet paving and adhering, the binder shall be firstly stuck along one side of the room, and the carpet which has been cut can be paved, then the carpet support should be used for supporting both sides; then two adhesives shall be brushed along the wall, the carpet shall be pressed to be flat and covered.
  • Detail processing and cleaning: pay attention to the processing of trim strip, and the cutting, fixing and edge covering work of door frame, corridor and lobby, ground and tube root, heating cover, slot box, threshold of corridors and bathrooms, stairs steps and aisle platform, inner and outer doors, different color carpet junction and skirt board shall be stuck firmly, which should not be exposed. After the pavement of carpet, a dust collector shall be used for cleaning, and the fluff falling from the carpet shall be removed thoroughly.