When in use, the carpet should avoid strong sunlight, lest it becomes aged or its color faded. The foot of furniture contacting the carpet should be furnished with cushions or frequently move the furniture; as for the places seriously worn out, besides protecting them with covering, you can also change the position. Since the fiber in the inner surface layer of carpet is easy to accumulate dust, the best way to clean the dust is vacuum the carpet in direction of fiber.

Experts suggest that vacuuming the carpet once a week to prevent the dirt from being embedded in the pile because dirt will grind the bottom, thus accelerate the wear. At the moment there are three types of vacuum cleaners: pure suction , beater bar and bristle-brush rotary, all of which are all applicable to the closed pile carpet ; while for looped carpet, only the vacuum cleaners have sucking function. In addition, when using the vacuum cleaner, the last push should in the direction of pile.